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Peptide2go is a leading biotech company committed to providing customers with high quality peptide synthesis. We pride ourselves in top quality products and high customer satisfaction. Our technological advantage is built through tireless efforts in optimization and redevelopment of existing technologies. We have established a highly effective, well-controlled, and self-sufficient technical platform for high-throughput, massive synthesis of peptides.



  • Specialized in peptide synthesis
  • High quality peptides and stringent quality control measures
  • Peptide lengths up to 100 a.a
  • High-throughput, high-efficiency synthesis of large peptide libraries
  • Any sequence combination and special modification or labeling
  • Large-scale production capacity – thousands of simultaneous peptide syntheses
  • A team of Ph.D. scientists to address your individual needs
  • Our synthesis accuracy is significantly higher than other peptide providers, with shorter running time. The length of single peptide can reach over 100 mers.  Our synthesis procedures are optimized and simplified so that production engineering can be quickly achieved. Our optimized procedure does not need to separate intermediates, thus automation can be adopted whenever possible. We have developed the capacity for high-throughput, high efficiency synthesis of large peptide libraries. We have established excellent transferability of our technologies for a broad applicability to almost any sequence combination and special modification or labeling.

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Peptide2go is a subsidiary of Virongy, LLC