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Peptide products & Custom Peptide Synthesis Service
High-quality peptides at affordable prices for your laboratory

Our price matching policy: show us your quotation from another vendor, we will match it 100% and provide an extra 5% discount.

Peptide2go new prices 08-17-17

Peptide2go offers synthesized peptides to support your research. Our Custom Peptide Synthesis Service offers high-quality peptides at affordable prices for research laboratories (Asking for our new investigator & new grant awardee discount program*)

High-quality – above 95% peptide synthesis successful rate, up to 100 AA length (View our Synthesis Technology)

Quality Control – MS or HPLC analyses provided (View our quality control platform)

Purity – flexible with needs from crude to 98% purity. (View Purity chart)

Modifications – traditional and untraditional modification, N-acetylation, C-amidation, phosphorylation, cyclization, fluorecnet labeling et al. (View modification chart)

Quantities – from mg to kg.

Delivery – lyophilized shipment, email notification and shipment tracking.

* Price subjects to change without prior notice.